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My funds haven't been deposited into my checking account

I processed a credit card sale and I haven't received a deposit into my checking account.

  1. Make sure you have settled the transaction.
  2. Make sure you have waited the allotted number of days. (deposit schedule is dictated by Merchant Account Processor, the allotted number of days is usually 2 business days).
  3. If this is the first transaction you've ever processed be sure your checking account number is correct with your Merchant Account Processor and that you don't have a pending site survey.
  4. If all else fails then contact your Merchant Account Processor.

How do you calculate tax in Virtual Terminal?

The  total (including tax) goes into the 'amount' field and the tax amount only goes into the 'Tax' field.  See example below:

Ex: If the merchant wants to charge $13.06 for a sale (total with tax)

$13.06 would be put in the 'Amount' field (total plus tax)

1.06 would be put in the 'Tax' field (tax only)

What phones does the Shuttle card reader work with

The Shuttle works with the following devices

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Unimag II/Shuttle Device is 'Timing Out' iOS 7 or higher

Go into the Settings of the Apple device and select 'Privacy' , then 'Microphone'.  Make sure switch is turned on.

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