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Impact of smart phones on consumers and small businesses

Smart phones are basically cell phones that offer better connectivity and superior computing ability than a normal phone. Smart phones let the user to set up and run various kinds of applications. These applications are based on operating systems like Android operating software. The software enables the application developers to provide digital experience to the users. The popularity of these phones has been increasing since iPhone came into the market in July 2007. Read on this article to know about the impact of smart phones on consumers and small business.

 Impact of smart phones on consumers

According to a recent survey, nearly all new smart phone users are consumers. Earlier, gadgets were mainly used by the businessmen, but not now. Consumers are using smart phones for various purposes such as checking mails, scheduling appointments, surfing websites, downloading videos, music, games, images, etc. For consumers, smart phones are minicomputers and not just a device to call near and dear ones.

After the first Blackberry device was launched by Android and Research In Motion Ltd, consumers’ mobile usage habits have changed. As per J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Mobile Handset Report, an increasing number of consumers are using smart phones for entertainment and social networking. Around 25% of traditional handset owners have accepted that they regularly share multimedia messages. Moreover, around 17% of smart phone users (with touch screen-equipped handsets) have said that they regularly download and stream videos from the Internet. Around with 16.4% of consumers have said that they’re planning to purchase a smart phone within October 2010. This figure is an all time high.

Impact of smart phones on small businesses/ companies

As per a recent study, approximately 79% of people use smart phone used to carry out business instead of an office phone. Approximately 34% of small businessmen are using smart phones more than computers. Around 7% entrepreneurs have stopped carrying laptops while traveling for business. They use smart phones.

Smart phones such as the Google G1, Apple iPhone, the Nokia E71, and the Blackberry provide small businesses the chance to employ a new type of mobile phone marketing, based on various applications. For instance, the Inner fence Visa payment application allows small companies to make payments through credit card within few seconds. A garden planning application enables a landscape garden company to know what to plant and redesign garden. A hairdresser can have an application where he can upload images of her clients and help them to choose a suitable hairstyle.

Finally, the rise in smart phone sales is likely to have a long-term impact on mobile phone companies. Smart phone companies need to constantly train sales people on new features and applications for executing simple tasks like explaining the phone’s operation to the customers. Also, as per a recent study, around 18% smart phone users are expected to inquire about phone repairs. This implies that companies have to be equipped to have more customers visiting their shops to resolve queries.

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