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Step 10 - Using Taxes

iOS App (2.5.2 or higher)

This tutorial will show where to turn on taxes on your sells screen and we will also show you how to auto calculate your taxes for whichever state you reside in.

Use the following steps to access the Taxes in Apple App.


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  • From the Home screen
  • Tap Application Settings (Cog icon)
  • In Application Settings toggle Calculate Tax to ON
  • Type in your state tax for your county. (there is no need to put a percentage sign in this place) You can Google search if you are not sure
  • Return to the Home Screen then tap Credit Cards
  • Then tap Process Sale
  • Manually type in the required information or if you have a card reader swipe the card.
  • Once the sale amount is entered the tax amount automatically populates (type in the optional information if you have manually keyed). Tap Process
  • If the information was entered correctly you will get a confirmation. Tap Yes to Confirm


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