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P25M Setup

This tutorial will show you how to setup your P25M and P25i-M card reader for all Android devices, it is recommended that you apply these settings first before connecting your card reader.

Use the following steps to Setup your Android P25M and P25i-M Card Reader.


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  • After you log-in tap on 'Cog' icon (see example below) to get the Settings
  • This is the Application Settings for the App
  • Make sure you check 'Auto Swipe Mode' if you would like to be able to swipe the card without having to press the swipe card button when processing a sale.
  • Select Card Reader
  • Select P25M as your card reader
  • Exit the App and go to the Android device settings by tapping the physical Menu or Forward button on the Android device. Then tap Settings
  • Select Wireless & Networks *Note screen layout may vary depending on your Android device
  • Make sure Bluetooth is 'ON' Then select Tap on Bluetooth
  • Scan for Devices When you see device show up. Tap on 'P25 name' (under Available devices) and type in your pin code *Note the Pin code is located under the roll of paper inside the P25 card reader)
  • The Pin code contains 8 characters only, enter the pin and tap ok. It will say, P25M Paired
  • Tap the physical Home button on the Android device and find the, APP and reopen it
  • Login and select Credit cards
  • The select Process Sale
  • Swipe the card when it says 'Ready to swipe' or tap the Menu button on the device and select Swipe.
  • You have 20 seconds to swipe the card and the information will auto-populate. Type in the amount and tap Menu and then Process
  • Approved
  • Click on the physical Menu or Forward button on the Android device. Select Print
  • Receipt will print out on the P25 device. *Note to get a customer copy,just simply press Print again

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